Alumnus Ryan Dorsey

Ryan Dorsey plays Dime Bag on Ray Donovan.

NYCDA: What was it like to work on a pilot for Fox?

Dorsey: It was like two dreams in one. Before I ever dreamed of being an actor, I dreamed of being a professional baseball player. So booking this role of a starting pitcher in the big leagues; putting on an MLB uniform, was surreal. The fact that it was Fox was a bonus, being my first recurring role on a network.

NYCDA: What advice do you have for students on how to audition?

Dorsey: In short, practice, practice, practice – audition your auditions. I will say that the audition class is one of the most important classes you will take at NYCDA. You may be a great actor with a scene partner on a stage or in a classroom setting, responding moment to moment and reacting truthfully, but can you do it believably when you’re acting with a reader who isn’t an actor? Prepare by visualizing and hearing what the other character will be saying and doing to get you to react and make choices.

NYCDA: What do you miss most from your days at NYCDA?

Dorsey: I miss New York City. The city is full of characters. The energy, the people, the culture. I don’t believe there’s a better city in the world to study acting. There’s a lesson in human behavior every minute of every day on every corner and sidewalk. NYCDA gave me a foundation to work from and an insight on the process of being an actor who works in Film and TV. You can feel things, and be given notes or adjustments like in theater, but at The New York Conservatory being able to have all of that captured on-camera and having the luxury of watching and learning from your work onscreen is priceless. NYCDA helped me evolve my craft and gave me the tools necessary to be able to become a working actor.