Casting Call - Siren


Two siblings return home to find an unexpected visitor living there who may have played a role in their father’s death.

Shoot Dates and Details:

July 2021 (specific dates TBD), 2 days in New York City/New Jersey area
Day rate and meals provided. Non-union only.

Audition/Taping Instructions:

Please shoot your self-tape horizontally with a frame from the top of your head to chest. Download sides:

Any ethnicity. Grieving the loss of her father, Kelli is a wounded bird. Struggling to maintain her feelings, she is fragile even as she tries setting hard boundaries. Sensitive, thoughtful, with an anxiety that is very close to the surface.

Any ethnicity. Mark is Kelli’s boyfriend, trying to be comforting and supportive but thinly agitated. When he falls under Lucinda’s spell he becomes anxious and starts behaving erratically.

Any ethnicity. Jimmy is the dark horse in his family, rocked by the loss of his father and struggling to be kind to his sister. Jimmy has a troubled history with his dad. Guarded, with real compassion under these layers, he’s trying to be the good guy.

Any gender/ethnicity. Lucinda is the ‘Siren’ of the title. They are a seductive force of nature capable of luring men (and perhaps women) to their own destruction. Their soft surface hides a monster. They sing something like “Habanera” from Carmen as the song of seduction.

File Naming:

If you’re auditioning for multiple roles, please be sure to separate each side into separate clips and create ONE take per each side. Please label each file as: last name.first name.ROLE

Slate Instructions:

Record your slate as a separate clip including the following details:
– Your first and last name
– Your height
– Your comfort level with supervised prop firearms
– Your availability/any conflicts for a two-day shoot in the approximate shoot window (July 5-July 29, 2021)

Submission Deadline:

Thursday July 1, 2021 at 11:59PM ET.

How to Submit:

You can either email mp4 files directly (files must be less than 10MB), or upload files to YouTube, Vimeo or TikTok and send hyperlinks to