Casting Call - Gloria Steinberg


Beauty pageant contestants have a conversation about female social conformity in a backstage dressing room.


Shoot Dates and Details:

October 25 in New York City
Day rate and meals provided. Non-union preferred. MUST BE ABLE TO PRODUCE PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION.

Audition/Taping Instructions:

Please shoot your self-tape horizontally with a frame from the top of your head to chest. Download sides:


20s, female, any ethnicity. A beauty pageant contestant.  Intelligent and generally non-confrontational.  She wants to get along with people but can’t easily let things go.


20s, female, any ethnicity. A beauty pageant contestant. Friendly but oblivious. A bit gossipy in nature but also has trouble reading the room.


20s, female, any ethnicity. A beauty pageant contestant. Confident and energetic to some, loud and boisterous to others.

M.C. (Please self-tape any monologue of choice)

20s, male, any ethnicity. Always in show mode, soaking up the energy of backstage to buttress his onstage performance.

File Naming:

If you’re auditioning for multiple roles, please be sure to separate each side into separate clips and create ONE take per each side. Please label each file as: last name.first name.ROLE

Slate Instructions:

Record your slate as a separate clip including the following details:
– Your first and last name
– Your height
– Your availability/any conflicts for a one-day shoot October 25, 2021

Submission Deadline:

Weds October 13, 2021 at 11:59PM ET.

How to Submit:

You can either email mp4 files directly (files must be less than 10MB), or upload files to YouTube, Vimeo or TikTok and send hyperlinks to