Dream of Singing on Broadway?
Time to Start Training.

Musical theater isn't what it used to be. Arguably, it's better. The genre is expanding and refining, and the landscape of musicals have changed so rapidly that new and exciting opportunities are opening up all over the creative world... but how do you even get started on a career in singing and dancing?

Simply put, you come to New York and train with us. The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts is proud to announce our new two-year associates degree program in musical theater performance.

So many aspiring singer/actors these days are taking musical theater programs at colleges or universities that aren’t set up to exclusively create performers. And, while we understand that there are many great generalized schools out there, why not go where you and your interests are the priority?

Here at NYCDA, our sole focus is on preparing the performers of tomorrow for an artistic career on the stage and beyond, and it shows in how we approach our curriculum.

What does this mean for you? Your education is personalized to your needs. Taught in small classrooms, each one of our students has ample 1-on-1 time with our instructors. And, if accepted, you’ll be acting in our productions, because you can’t land professional jobs without experience!

Taught in small classroom formats, your instructors will be working actors that will tailor your education to your specific goals and needs. The first year of the two-year degree program is focused on learning the basic skills you need to perform in musical theater. It’s the second year where we’ll really get to work on refining your acting, singing, and dance skills, as well as learning about the business itself.

Because you can be an incredible singer, with amazing acting abilities, but if you don’t know how to nail an audition and talk to directors, you still may not get the job.

Here at NYCDA, you’ll get real performance experience. Every semester, you’ll participate in a performance project that allows you to put together the three elements of musical theater – singing, dancing and acting!  At the end of the program, you will perform in fully staged production at an off-Broadway theater in NYC. You won’t just be training to act in musical theater: You will be living that life.

Music Theory Class
Dance class

Don’t settle for stage acting classes at a local college when you can immerse yourself in musical theater with specialists.

Let our staff of working actors personalize our curriculum for you, and help you build your own unique brand.

Let us help you tell stories through dance and song, and to prepare you with the knowledge you need to safely maneuver through the business side of musical theater. Please, consider the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts. You’ll be glad you did.