NYCDA’s reopening plan, submitted to New York State, conforms to both mandatory and recommended guidelines for opening and maintaining a safe campus. The full plan is posted on campus, and available to students and parents via email upon request. Main points are below:

On the campus

  • Students, faculty and staff will be required to complete a quick health and COVID-19 exposure survey prior to entry to campus each day, including temperature check and response to questions. This will likely be conducted via phone app.

  • Face masks will be distributed by the school and worn properly at all times by all persons on campus.

  • Class sections will be decreased from 16 to 8 students, and class start times will be staggered to allow for social distancing in hallways and common areas. Studio floors will be marked to indicate social distancing requirements.

  • Plastic dividers and floor markings indicating proper distancing in common areas will be added to the campus as necessary.

  • All commonly touched campus surfaces will be cleaned with bleach dilution every two hours.

  • Restrooms will be single person use only, and will be cleaned twice a day.

  • Mini market and vending machine areas will be supplied with disposable gloves for use when opening coolers and using self-checkout keypads.

  • Eating on campus will be done inside floor-marked squares to maintain 6′ distance between students.

  • Campus windows will be open as much as possible to maximize fresh air flow.

  • Classes not requiring students to work collaboratively, i.e. Film Genres, will be taught online to relieve crowding on campus.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed outside each studio and classroom.

  • Water fountains will be decommissioned and students will be encouraged to bring or purchase bottled water.

  • Visitors to campus and alumni use of facilities will be suspended for Fall term to minimize additional exposure for students.

in the event of covid-19 cases among the student population

  • If exposed students are sharing a room or suite in our residence, they will be moved to isolated housing.

  • New York Department of Health will conduct testing of student and contact tracing. We will follow DOH instructions on quarantine of affected students.

  • Students forced to quarantine will be able to join online classwork to keep up with their courses.

  • The campus will be closed for 1-2 days for deep cleaning and disinfection.

  • NYCDA policy requires Student Services to follow up with students who are absent from class, to keep in close contact with student and parents when a student falls ill, and to arrange for transportation and accompany students to the ER if they need to go.