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Are You Ready to Become an Actor?

In the era of prestige television and blockbuster movies transitioning into streaming at an incredible rate, new opportunities for skilled actors present themselves every day – but not for the untrained.

And that’s where the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts comes in. More than an acting school, we’re the acting college that offers 2-year AOS degrees in Film and Television – among other things – and the ability to earn a second AOS degree in one additional year, for those who want to specialize.

Don’t just take an acting class. There’s nothing wrong with dabbling in a hobby, but acting as a profession takes dedication and practice. When you major in acting at NYCDA, you’ll be taught everything you need to know by our faculty, a team of working actors that take real joy in personally guiding you through our curriculum, and preparing you to make the journey that they’ve already made.

Experience Acting in New York City

So what separates us from a “normal” college with an acting program? Aside from our staff of educators all being recognizable actors from stage and screen, we’re also located in the epicenter of the dramatic arts, New York City – so your college experience can be the stuff drama kids dream about.

You’ll not only be going to classes and workshops taught by experienced, professional actors, but you’ll also have the opportunity to walk down the street and immerse yourself in the culture of the city. You’re encouraged to visit the art galleries, see the sights, and catch live shows on your days off! If it’s your dream to perform on Broadway, we even have a dedicated Musical Theatre program.

  • Train to Act On-Camera

    Build the fundamental skills that will let you grow as an actor. Get real-world experience performing in front of people who want you to succeed.

  • Learn the Acting Business

    Receive training in the business side of acting and complete a professional internship. Become prepared not just to act, but to do everything else the job requires of you without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Find Your Specialty

    As a career-focused acting college, we offer classes and workshops to cover practically any genre you’d like to work in. Electives like improv, stand-up comedy, and combat for the camera are available.

  • Prepare for Your Debut

    Before graduation, you’ll have the chance to practice in front of and with the support of casting directors and other show business professionals. You’ll know you’re ready for casting calls because we’ll prepare you for your new career in a way few new actors have the privilege of experiencing. We’ll even help you put together a Final Reel, to highlight your newly honed talents.

Achieving Acting Excellence is Possible, and Teachable

That’s a big claim, right? But it shouldn’t be.

While it’s legitimately the stuff of dreams, acting is also “just” a job. But unlike so many other trades, people think they can wake up one day and start acting at the highest level without putting in the time to get trained. Very rarely do you see people try to become an electrician the same way, and you can easily imagine why not.

Sure, you can take a quick class locally and then start signing up for castings and auditions – but people who do that will always be at a disadvantage when someone else shows up with a higher level of education. You may have been born to act, but college-level instruction and a real acting degree (or two) will always give you an edge, no matter how well you did in drama class.

And that’s what we offer at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts; a 2-year path to an AOS degree in the acting specialty of your choosing, with an option to pick up a second degree in only one additional year.

You’ll train under working actors (many with impressive IMDB pages, if you care about that kind of thing) who are all genuinely excited to pass on their knowledge and experiences to you through exciting and engaging activities. From your very first day in our classes, you’ll get to act in New York City. You’ll be able to feel good about your chances to succeed in a difficult-to-enter field, by virtue of having real support and an advanced understanding of the work.

Between our small class sizes, the mentorship of actors you’ve possibly already seen perform on some of the grandest stages, and the chance to learn and grow within walking distance of numerous famous theaters, we offer a truly unique college experience out of a sea of others claiming the same. Students are assisted in securing housing with professional student housing providers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, so you will literally experience life as a New Yorker while you train!

So why wait? If you’re ready to put in the work, we’re ready to support you through your journey to become an actor.

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