Information Security Notice

June 30, 2023

As reported in national news media, a significant number of organizations around the world have been affected by a cybersecurity event involving a software utility called MOVEit.

The New York Conservatory for the Arts (NYCDA) does not use the MOVEit software. However, we have been notified by the third-party service provider listed below that personally identifiable information, which NYCDA shares with the listed provider, may have been exposed due to the use of the MOVEit software by the provider and their partners.

Our Information Technology Team (IT) is actively monitoring this situation. We are currently working with our service providers to determine the extent of the potential exposures and we will provide additional information and guidance to our NYCDA Community as soon as we understand.

The following third-party service provider has notified us that data pertaining to NYCDA students may have been exposed as a result of exploitation of the MOVEit software:

National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

NSC provides educational reporting, data exchange, verification, and research services to many higher education institutions. NYCDA shares student information with NSC.

Status: NSC has noted in a letter to us that NYCDA student data might have been included in the exposure.

Information from the Service Provider: NSC has posted information about this incident to the NSC website, including answers to questions here. General information about NSC’s published data privacy and security practices can be found on the NSC website here. NSC will contact you directly if your data is at risk.

Updates will be posted here.

What you can do to help protect your personal information

We recommend that you take the following actions to protect your personal information.

Closely monitor your financial accounts for suspicious activity. See the FTC’s “Warning signs of identity theft” website for tips on what to look out for.

Check your credit report at

Consider placing a credit freeze on your credit report, with each of the three credit reporting agencies.

NYCDA Students should consider enrolling in an Identity Theft Protection service like TrueIdentity (no cost from TransUnion).

Please remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activity or suspected identity theft related to these events to ITS and the proper law enforcement authorities.