conservatory training + college degree

Earn an Associate Degree and start your career, or transfer your credits and continue on to a BA or BFA. 4-Week Summer Intensive Programs offer up to six transferable college credits.

Associate degree programs

New Media for Actors

media production for the actor

Our newest degree program – Media Production for the Actor – is designed for actors who want to tell their own stories and produce their own content, executing their vision artistically with creative control throughout the entire process. This new concept in acting training was developed to respond to the evolving expectations and responsibilities placed on artists in the 21st century. Earn an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, Media Production for the Actor.


Film & Television Performance

The two-year Film and Television Performance curriculum develops the technique, discipline and business knowledge required to succeed in screen and voice-over acting. Earn an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, Film and Television Performance.


musical theatre Performance

Two-year Musical Theatre Performance Program teaches the skills to tell the story – as an actor first. Rigorous courses in acting, voice, dance, and theater business ready students to work in the industry, on stage and on camera. Earn an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, Musical Theatre Performance.


Theatre Performance

Two-year Theatre Performance Program trains 21st century storytellers with a passion for live performance to be believed, understood and compelling to witness on stage. Focus is placed on training the actor’s body and voice to be transparent, transformative, and resilient. Earn an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, Theatre Performance.

summer programs


summer intensive training

Four-week Summer Intensive Training courses, available in each of our Degree Program focuses, enable experienced performers to work on skill-building, and novice performers to sample the life of an actor living and working in New York City. Each course delivers six college credits.

what our students say

The Musical Theatre program here at NYCDA gives every student the tools they need to build their own toolbox. Every performer is unique, and individuality is stressed and maintained.

Samantha - Spruce, MI

The level of professional training I have received from NYCDA in such a short time is astounding, and will last me a lifetime!

Sydney - South Jordan, Utah