new york conservatory productions

In 2019, The New York Conservatory opened a content production company with the goal of showcasing our graduates and their work, and helping to move their careers forward. COVID-19 halted productions in 2020, but we are back in production as of June, 2021. New York Conservatory Productions’ projects will include short films, web series and podcasts.

short films

Our first horror short, Siren, debuted at the NEPA Horror Film Fest, and is entered into consideration for 22 short film festivals and competitions. Our next short, Gloria Steinberg, is a comedic social commentary that will be shot on November 9.


We solicit scripts for 6-10 short films to produce and promote every year–each with a production budget of up to $15,000, and casts comprised exclusively of New York Conservatory graduates. Each film will be entered into 15-20 short film festivals, and will receive a promotional budget.

The goal of the production company is to feature our alumni in quality original content that is promoted and showcased at short film festivals and competitions.

Web series Project

web series

Starting in summer 2021, New York Conservatory Productions will accept pitches from graduates for grants of up to $25,000 toward production of original web series. Additional support offered includes free studio space for filming, and promotional and marketing assistance and funding.

Students who complete Web Series class in good standing will be eligible to apply for project funding immediately after graduation.


The New York Conservatory has added a state-of-the-art podcast studio to the campus that is available for use, free of charge, by New York Conservatory alumni whose projects are approved by the production company. Several podcasts are currently being produced under the New York Conservatory Productions umbrella, including Richard Omar’s The Moment Before and alumni Hunter Diaz and Evan Duncan’s Hear No Movie, See No Movie.