new york conservatory productions

In 2019, The New York Conservatory opened a content production company with the goal of showcasing our graduates and their work, and helping to move their careers forward.

The goal of the production company is to feature our alumni in original content that is promoted and showcased at short film festivals and competitions.

Every year*, we solicit scripts for short films to produce and promote — each with a production budget of up to $15,000, and casts comprised exclusively of New York Conservatory graduates. Each film will be entered into 15-20 short film festivals, and receive a promotional budget.

*All funds for the 2024 calendar year have been expended. Please continue to check back for when additional funding will be released.

One In The Chamber

Alex Webb is an exciting new author and screenwriter with a string of bestsellers and and a hit movie adaptation under his belt. Zoe Clarke is an entertainment reporter who has been tasked with going to Alex’s home to do a profile piece on the up-and-coming young writer. However, it becomes apparent that Zoe’s motives for meeting Alex aren’t for the interview at all. She harbours a dark secret from their shared past that, if true, threatens to destroy them both.

Written by Chris Austin. Directed by Jay Goldenberg. 

One In The Chamber Movie Poster


Contestants and staff members engage in an increasingly tense culture clash at a small-town beauty pageant.

Written by Mary Goldman. Directed by Rebecca Comtois. 


Upon the untimely death of their father, two siblings return to their family home and find a mysterious young woman living there.

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp, Siren, debuted at the NEPA Horror Film Fest, and was entered into consideration for 22 short film festivals and competitions. Alum Erica Logsdon won Best Actress at the 2022 Jersey City Horror Film Festival.

Siren Poster

you can't change anything about this

You Can’t Change Anything About This tells the story of a brother and sister who must reconcile with the end of their grandfather’s life. 

Filmed in Goshen, NY and directed by Will Cecil, this short film observes as the siblings face a devastating realization.

You Can't Change Anything About This