how to attend the new york conservatory

2-Year Degree Programs

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. These steps do not have to be completed in sequence, but all except FAFSA are required for us to render a decision on your acceptance:

1. Complete the Online Application

2. Complete your FAFSA, or add us to your existing FAFSA (this allows us to determine your NYCDA grant awards). NYCDA School Code is 031207

3. Audition in person, or by Zoom

5. Submit an Essay

6. Provide Two Recommendation Letters

7. Pay $50.00 application fee (this can be waived by your admissions advisor)

Summer Intensives

No application is necessary for summer programs, but audition is required. Students will be assigned to 16-person sections based on a placement audition and interview after enrollment.

1. Complete the Online Registration Form

2. Schedule your audition for acceptance and to win scholarships.

3. Pay $400 tuition deposit to hold your place

4. Deposit $300 for housing (optional)

High School Transcripts

Every application must be accompanied by an original, complete high school transcript sent directly from the school. High school seniors can send current transcripts, and are expected to request that an official, final transcript be sent upon graduation.

Please upload your transcripts in your application portal HERE or Fax to 212.645.0039

All official, final high school transcripts submitted must indicate degree completion and conferral date. GED diplomas must be accompanied by GED test scores. The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts welcomes applications from home-schooled students. A complete transcript with grades is still required. All students must provide proof of secondary education completion.


We strongly recommend that all applicants write or outline their essay prior to beginning the application process. Only one essay is required per applicant on this topic:

What do you think are the three most important qualities required to be successful in an acting career, and how do you embody or demonstrate those qualities?

Please upload your essay in your application portal HERE or Fax to 212.645.0039

Recommendation Letters

Every application must include two letters of recommendation that attest to the applicant’s personal character, work ethic, and passion for the performing arts. Recommendation letters should be from industry professionals, teachers, guidance counselors, academic advisors or a supervisor from a current or previous job. Letters from a family members or friends will not be accepted.

You can generate recommendation request letters or upload a letter in your application portal HERE or Fax to 212.645.0039

College Entrance Examination Board Code

The College Entrance Examination Board Code  for The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts is 003853