summer intensive training

Our 4-week Summer Intensive Training Programs are designed to give promising actors an intensive skill-building experience. Whether you are already working in the industry, studying acting in college, or still in high school, our programs are built to offer you the personalized training you need. Classes meet weekdays 9am-6pm ET. Class size is limited to 16 to maximize individual attention.

2021 Summer Session Dates:

June 14 – July 9

July 19 – August 13

June 2021 session will be offered both online via Zoom, and at our New York City campus. Choose the option that works best for you.


Tuition: $3,500 (Tuition scholarships up to $1,000 are available based on audition)
Optional Housing Starting At: $1,600

Housing Move-In/Out Dates:

June Session: June 12 / July 10

July Session: July 17 / August 14

Please note: minimum age for student housing and on-campus training is 16 years.


*You will be assigned to a class based on age, experience, and an audition when your session begins.

Acting for Film & TV - Technique Level

Open to students 15 and up

Technique Level classes let beginning performers explore the physical, emotional, and vocal techniques necessary for an energized, focused, creative on-camera performance. Master classes with casting directors and agents are included during the final two weeks of the session.

An introduction to the ideas of Stanislavski and the foundation of acting through script analysis, monologues, exercises, and scene work.

1.0 Credit

Acting in commercials is a very specialized and very lucrative skill. This course helps students understand their own particular ranges, and the basics of working with on-camera copy and improvisation.

1.0 Credit

A foundational course in body awareness combined with a survey of the basic principles of movement for performers on stage and on camera. Work will include warm-ups and exercises to increase the actor’s ability to express intentions through behavior and movement.

1.0 Credit

An introduction to the basics of screen acting, including insight into the audition process, how to break down a scene, and the exploration of basic acting technique.

1.0 Credit

An introduction to improvisational techniques for on-camera performance. Students engage in group scenes, two-person exercises, and solo work, emphasizing spontaneity, listening, committing to choices, agreement, and group dynamics.

1.0 Credit

An exploration of techniques for projecting responsive and flexible sound, and developing clear speech and articulation. Exercises cover posture, articulation, resonance, and the connection between breath and sound.

1.0 Credit

Acting for Film & TV - Performance Level

Open to students 16 and up

Performance Level offers more experienced actors a challenging workout as they make the transition from stage to screen. The curriculum emphasizes on-camera technique in both single- and multi-camera performance. Master classes with casting directors and agents are included during the final two weeks of the session.

Students will develop their acting skills specifically geared for television commercials. Students will leave understanding the clear distinction between “commercial acting” and “acting in commercials”

1 Credit

Explore ways to free your imagination while expressing emotion through physical actions. The basics of this technique include psychological gesture, mind-body connection, and the character’s inner life. This work will be combined with other skill sets to continue the development of an expressive instrument.

Students will work in front of a microphone using copy from television and radio voice-overs. Practice animation, narration, and industrial voice-over work.

1 Credit

Students will learn how to successfully audition on-camera, using scenes from television scripts and screenplays. Discussions will cover callbacks, interviews, and evolving media such as self-taping and auditioning on Skype.

1 Credit

Learn the craft required, both artistically and technically to act on-camera. Students will analyze scenes, practice acting in different sized shots, learn how to deal with on-set challenges, and be able to arrive fully prepared without any rehearsal.

2 Credits

Musical Theater Performance

Open to students 14 and up

Intensive program trains students in the three components of musical theater performance: voice, dance and acting. With an emphasis on preparing the musical theater audition, the coursework is designed to challenge students at all levels. Master classes with casting directors, agents, current Broadway performers are included during the final two weeks of the session.

In this course students will explore an array of dance styles by executing choreography from a selection of ensemble numbers from a variety of musicals. Students, from the complete beginner to the advanced dancer will be challenged.

1 Credit

An exploration of techniques for building a healthy and flexible singing voice. Exercises cover posture, breathing, vowels, vocal registers (chest versus head), and how to adapt one’s approach within a variety of styles from classic Broadway to rock musicals.

1 Credit

An introduction to the ideas of Stanislavski and the foundation of acting through script analysis, exercises, and scene work.

1 Credit

Students will be cast in scenes from well-known and forgotten musicals. Each will be staged with all dialogue, blocking, and music. Periodically, students will be immersed in a film lab of historical and recent excerpts in order to become well acquainted with the musical theater canon and its most influential performers.

1 Credit

Auditioning is an art in itself with challenges that are often misunderstood. This course helps students learn how to choose suitable monologues, make appropriate 16 & 32 bar cuts of songs, and effectively present themselves at any musical theater audition. On Mondays and Wednesday students will learn how to act a song and on Tuesdays and Thursdays we will workshop monologues.

2 Credits