Film & Television Performance Program
Student Budget 2017-18

Direct CostsWith HousingLiving Off-Campus
Tuition and Fees$32,100$32,100
Student Housing $14,500
Total Direct Costs$46,600$32,100
Other Estimated Costs 
Housing and Utilities (living off-campus)$8,250
Books and Supplies$250
Miscellaneous/Personal Expenses$921
Monthly Metrocard$1,049
Total $13,470


–Student Health Insurance Plan, add $2,122
–Students/Parent applying for Direct Loans will be charged an origination fee.  Students will receive an updated budget which will include loan fees.

Tuition and housing costs are subject to change on an annual basis.

*Distance between The Conservatory and the Third Street Residence is 1.3 miles.  Students are recommended to walk to save on the cost of transportation.  Students that need to add transportation may add $1,049 for monthly Metrocards.

Determining Financial Need

In developing a student’s financial aid award package, NYCDA begins by constructing a budget based on the estimated cost of education for the academic year, including tuition, supplies, and living expenses.
A student’s need for financial assistance is defined as the difference between the estimated cost of attendance and the student’s available resources.