tuition & Expenses 2020-2021

Once enrolled, New York Conservatory students enjoy a 2-year tuition freeze. No annual tuition increases will be applied to returning second-year students.

Student expenses will vary from student to student. Indirect costs are estimated for budgetary purposes only. We encourage families to include estimated living expenses when doing your financial planning. NYCDA Health Insurance is included in the total calculation of living expenses, but it is optional and will be deducted if the student is currently self-insured or on a parent or legal guardian’s insurance plan.



Distance between The New York Conservatory and the Third Street Residence is 1.3 miles. Students are recommended to walk, both for exercise and to save on the cost of transportation. The walk passes through some of the safest and most culturally rich parts of Manhattan – Union Square, Greenwich Village and the East Village. Students who need to add transportation may add $1,089 for nine 30-day unlimited MetroCards.

determining financial need

In developing a student’s financial aid award package, we begin by constructing a budget based on the estimated cost of education for the academic year, including tuition, supplies, and living expenses. A student’s need for financial assistance is defined as the difference between the estimated cost of attendance and the student’s available resources.