Virtual new york conservatory experience

Join us for free interactive On-Camera Acting and Musical Theater workshops taught by our working actor faculty, and sample the teaching methodology of the New York Conservatory.

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Our New Media for Actors degree is designed for students who are actors and creators.
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We offer rigorous Musical Theater training with acting at its core, taught by working professionals.
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With small classes and continuously evolving programs, we train actors for the industry as it is today.
Start your life in New York City. Live and study in the entertainment capital of the world.


Your Start in the Arts

Each year, during National Arts & Humanities Month, The New York Conservatory accepts nominations from high school students for the distribution of ten $1,000 grants to their high school drama programs. The 2020 nomination form is now open!

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conservatory degree programs

Associate Degree Program

Film & Television Performance

Film & TV

Learn the on-camera acting and professional skills required to work successfully at every form of screen acting, including film, TV, commercials, voice-overs and webisodes.

Associate Degree Program

new media for actors

New Media Program

Our newest degree program is designed for actors who want to tell their own stories and produce their own content, executing their vision artistically with creative control throughout the entire process.

Associate Degree Program

Musical Theater Performance

Musical Theater

Acting-focused Musical Theater program delivers rigorous training in voice, dance, acting, and business. Get the complete education you need to be able to work as a singer-dancer-actor onstage and onscreen.

summer programs

Film & TV or Musical Theater performance

Four-week Professional Intensives offer experienced actors advanced training, and allow aspiring actors to get a realistic taste of the business. Open to actors, singers and dancers age 16 and up. Earn six transferable college credits.


In any training, or in any career, most of us go through the “is this right for me?” phase. We think things like, “This is harder than I thought it would be!” “This is way more personal and more physically taxing than I expected.” A good conservatory should help you move through that.