COVID-19 Community Guide

Safe Campus Is Our Goal

The New York Conservatory is preparing for a fall semester offering a fully in‑person student experience. Most of the safety protocols that allowed us to teach hybrid online/on-campus semesters last fall and spring will remain in place for as long as necessary — they protected us from COVID-19 clusters on campus last year, and we spent the year fine-tuning them for a balance between effectiveness and the best possible student experience.

In conversation with our students, faculty, and parents, we have decided to require all faculty, staff and students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start class terms.

NYCDA will accept medical exemptions only. If you wish to request an exemption, please download and complete this form.


Students, faculty and staff must have received either the second vaccination of a two-part vaccine that is approved by the FDA or the WHO, or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine no later than three weeks before the first day of classes. For students, proof of vaccination will be collected by Admissions Advisors for incoming freshmen, or by Student Services for continuing students. For staff and faculty, proof of vaccination will be collected by the Chief Operating Officer.

International Students

Incoming international students who are unable to obtain a U.S. approved vaccine in their home country may be eligible to move into the Student Residence before August 30 in order to obtain the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in New York City prior to the deadline for class start. Please reach out to Elaine Capella, Director of International Admissions, if you would like to discuss this accommodation.

On the campus

Campus policies are updated regularly to maintain compliance with New York Department of Health requirements. Please check back frequently for updated protocols.

  • All students, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to provide proof of negative PCR result within 7 days of class start.
  • All students, faculty and staff will be required to complete a quick health survey prior to entry to campus each day, including temperature check and response to questions.
  • Students in class will follow current social distance protocols.
  • Approved high-filtration face masks will be worn properly at all times by all persons on campus. (The school will make masks available to students who do not have them.) Click here for NYC mask requirements.
  • All commonly touched campus surfaces will be cleaned with bleach dilution twice daily.
  • Mini market and vending machine areas will be supplied with disposable gloves for use when opening coolers and using self-checkout keypads.
  • Eating on campus will be done inside floor-marked squares to maintain distance.
  • Campus windows will be open as much as possible to maximize fresh air flow.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are present inside each studio and classroom.
  • Water fountains will have been replaced with bottle fillers, and students are encouraged to carry refillable water bottles.
  • HVAC system will use HEPA filters, and additional HEPA filters will be placed in classes without windows.
  • Visitors to campus (outside of admissions events) and faculty and alumni use of facilities will be suspended until further notice to minimize additional exposure for students.

in the event of covid-19 cases among the student population

  • New York Department of Health will conduct testing of student and contact tracing. We will follow DOH instructions on quarantine of affected students.
  • Students forced to quarantine will be provided resources to keep up with their courses.


  • NYCDA policy requires Student Services to follow up with students who are absent from class, to keep in close contact with student and parents when a student falls ill, and to arrange for transportation and accompany students to the ER if they need to go.